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Michigan Water & Riparian Law | Lake and Riverfront Homes

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Growing up in West Michigan meant dreaming of owning your own summer cottage or vacation home on the lake. Those dreams probably did not include images of riparian rights, water access and lake frontage disputes — or any of the unique legal issues related to owning waterfront, lake or riverfront property.

If you are considering selling, buying or building waterfront property, in addition to using a real estate agent, you should consult an experienced waterfront property attorney to assist you throughout the process. Many river and lakefront properties have been passed down or sold over generations and operate under loosely stated title, easement and access agreements that may have been established with a simple handshake decades ago.

The waterfront property specialists at Kline Law can help you with:

  • River and Lakefront Property Rights
  • Riparian & Littoral Rights
  • Boundary, View & Access Disputes
  • Cottage Law
  • Critical Dune Areas
  • Cooperative Ownership Agreements
  • Family Limited Partnerships (LP)
  • Family Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Family LLL and LP Operating Agreements

Did you know that Holland’s lakeshore area is one of the most highly litigated areas in Michigan, primarily due to a high number of waterfront property disputes?

There are numerous situations that arise when owning waterfront property in Michigan. Most waterfront property legal issues arise from boundary, view and access disputes. Boundary disputes involve uncertainty over property lines and the right to build or maintain certain structures that may be located across property lines. Access disputes arise when property owners fight over whether they have beach access to areas located on someone else’s property. View disputes arise when a structure or vegetation on one property obscures the view of another property owner, usually where the view of a body of water is involved. Legal issues may also surround public access to a beach adjacent to your property.

The waterfront property attorneys at Kline Law specialize in advising and supporting clients facing legal issues related to owning property on a lake, river or other waterway. These issues can often involve antiquated and obscure regulations and require the help of an attorney familiar with the statues, language and restrictions which govern this unique area of real estate law.

If you need advice, counsel or support for a Michigan water and riparian law issue, contact an experienced waterfront property attorney at Kline Lawor call our office directly at 616.719.7603.